Approved Treatments


Enspryng (satralizumab-mwge) was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in August 2020. It is given as an under-the-skin injection for the prevention of NMOSD attacks. It suppresses the immune response by targeting the interleukin-6 receptors and blocking IL-6 signaling.

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Soliris (eculizumab) was the first treatment approved by the FDA for NMOSD patients in 2019. Given through an infusion into the vein, it works by preventing the C5 protein from splitting, which leads to inflammation and the formation of the membrane attack complex.

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Uplizna, given as an infusion into the vein, was approved by the FDA in June 2020. It works by targeting B-cells and inhibiting their antibody production, which lowers the risk of NMOSD attacks.

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